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Ep. 15 Alien Vs Podcast

March 3rd, 2014




Tonight on NWGLS:
News - R.I.P. Harold Ramis, News about Netflix Marvel shows, Godzilla's New Trailer, Flash teaser for the new Flash TV Show.

After the news the gang tackles ALIENS
They talk about Aliens in pop culture (Video Games, Movies, TV and Comics.)
They also talk about Aliens in real life. 
Do they believe in Aliens and UFOs? 

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Favorite Alien Video Games
Nate's Favorite Alien Movie - Predator Blu-ray
Ray's Favorite Alien Movie - Aliens Blu-ray
Mike and Tj's Favorite Alien Movie - The Thing  Blu-ray
Ray & Nate's Underrated Alien Movie - Mars Attacks! Blu-ray
Mike's Underrated Alien Movie - The Guyver
Nate's Least Favorite Alien Movie - Battlefield Earth
Ray's Least Favorite Alien Movie - Avatar Blu-ray
Mike's Least Favorite Alien Movie - The Fourth Kind
Tj's Least Favorite Alien Movie - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull