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Ep. 13 Ultimate Villain Showdown Pt 3

February 17th, 2014

In today's episode the nerd gang discusses the 3rd act to the Ultimate Villain Showdown... Will Doomsdenim take it all? 

We're getting down to the nitty gritty here now guys!

Round 1 Doomsdenim VS Kaiju
Round 2 Darth Vader VS Ozymandias
Round 3 Apocalypse VS Magneto
Round 4 Deathstroke VS T-1000
Round 5 Randall Flagg VS Liquid Snake
Round 6 Black Adam VS Dark Phoenix
also Featuring a guest appearance by Hayden Christensen! 
The Guys also talk with TJ about "Growing Up Nerd" in this episode, learn all about TJ's struggles and triumphs as he matures into the nerd he is today! 
and in our last segment the NWGLS crew has had a decent amount of their famous Pod casting juice and are more than ready to discusses Iceman:Overrated/Underrated... is this mutant all he is cracked up to be? or could he be more? or... is he exactly where he needs to be? tune in to find out!
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